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New players who speak English

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If you've transferred from NA and you're new to the LAN server, or you're just looking for more English speaking League players to talk to and you have raid call, please come join us. LAN players who speak English are also welcome to come join.
The only thing you need is raidcall, if you don't have raidcall it is free to download and functions the same as team speak and curse voice.
All you have to do is simply apply for membership (this is only so random people don't join, nothing is needed for a membership.) The room number is 7608694 this can be placed in the search box on the top left, and there you can apply for membership to the room.
We are currently growing and hope to have a large group that can play games together constantly as well as duo que together whenever they please. We range from unranked to plat as of now, so anyone is welcome.
Hope to see you all there!

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Practicante (+10)


for I do not know much English but I want to learn as ati learn Spanish

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Applied !